Edition 2015

The meeting with the world of sustainability in the large-scale retail trade is here again this year with its special treble formula “Forum, Expo, Network” and many other news, all related to 2015-edition’s main theme: the Global Shift in Retail.

Coming soon the detailed program of the event .


Green Retail Forum

A specific program of workshops and seminars has been designed in order to make the participants share their experiences and ideas in the field of retail while being up to date with the new sustainable trends of the access to consumer goods: Sharing Economy, Self-production, Environmental and Social Innovation.


Green Retail Expo

It is the expositive area intended to facilitate the meeting among large-scale retail trade, large-scale specialised retail trade and the new experiences of sustainable retail.

Green Retail Network

“The Network” consists of an area where it is possible to have B2B meetings with retailers:  an effective chance to network and develop innovations.

Green Retail Forum 2015

The forum is the cultural moment of the event that will try to do the stock of the evolution of the access to consumer goods and promote the dialogue between the different approaches that have been developed in the 3 macro-areas of the retailing sector: “the Green” (Verde), “the Greener” (Più verde) and “the Greenest” (Verdissimo).

It is a chance to facilitate the retailing sector in facing the new challenges: how to balance the last innovative trends of the retailing sector with the requests of the market and the principles of sustainable development? Which are the solutions that address these issues?

The theme that we will develop in this 2015 edition, coherently with the occurrence of the Expo in Milan in the same days,  is the Global Shift in Retail. Seminars, workshops, sharing of experiences and considerations from worldwide participants will help to understand how the global sustainable change is taking form in the retailing sector.

The last word of 2015’s edition is the retailer’s stage: a space specifically meant to retailers. Every retailer will have 15 minutes to introduce him/herself and tell his/her most significant experience and vision about sustainability.


Green Greener Greenest

The Green: We define as “Green” those entreprises and suppliers that have decided to begun a path towards sustainability, thus adopting as practices as waste recycling/ waste reduction, reuse of raw material and all those solutions that are energetically efficient.

The Greener: Those entities that have as mission since the beginning a kind of business model that is shaped on sustainability. Their products/ services/ solutions usually feature as distinctive factors organic certifications, zero-mile products, fair trade or other specific sustainable innovations. The aim is to establish the entreprise as an aware and conscientious actor within the market system and towards society.

The Greenest: Those innovative and disruptive actors that propose radically new business models and solutions to the access to consumer goods that are usually alternative to the sale: sharing economy, self-production (shared vegetable gardens, the “Makers”, etc.) and all those experiences of exchange and collaborative consumption.